Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

At Ocean Shores Vacations, we know that there are difficult decisions to make when planning your next vacation. We believe it's important to be informed regarding what we can offer you so we have provided answers to our most frequently asked questions in order to better assist you.

If you require additional information, contact us today. We're always happy to hear from our customers, whether existing or potential.

With your feedback, we can make improvements our service offering. We take great pride in your satisfaction!

Can I book my vacation through Ocean Shores Vacations?

Ocean Shores Vacations does not book vacations, as we are not a travel agency or associated with any travel group. Ocean Shores Vacations was created to provide traveler information.

We have looked at many of the destinations and we're undecided as to our vacation destination. Can you make a recommendation?

We don't recommend or advise on choice of vacation destinations - we believe a vacation is best decided upon by the person, family, couple or group as each person's interest and preferred activities are unique.

Can I send you pictures of my vacation to be post to your website Photo Gallery?

Yes, however we only accept scenic pictures. Please include the vacation destination and date. Note that Ocean Shores Vacations makes no promise or agreement that pictures sent to us will be posted to our website Photo Gallery.

I will be staying at Resort Hotel (name protected) in the Caribbean which is listed on your website - can you let me know of any special offers for this resort?

Most resort hotel websites have a link where you can sign up for email alerts for special offers and promotions so we recommend subscribing to alerts for any resorts you are interesting in visiting.

We're planning a vacation to an international destination and will be staying at (name protected) Resort Hotel. What can you tell us about this Resort Hotel?

We don't have a collection of statistics or consumers reports on vacation destinations. The best recommendation is to do your research, as there are many search engines and blogs that offer information on customer satisfaction.